1972 - 2013

Now in its 42nd year

Reg. Charity No. 1046082

Part-funded by Lewisham Council

Chair: Stephen Kenny

Postal Address:

The Ringway Centre 

268 Baring Road,

Grove Park,

London SE12 0DS

(opposite Coopers Lane)


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Ringway Centre Office

 Tel: (020) 8857 7980

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The Grove Park Community Group

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About us


An Introduction to the Group


The Grove Park Community Group was formed in 1972 following the defeat of the proposal to build Ringway 2 - an urban motorway which, if built, could have destroyed Grove Park.  Since that time the Group has provided a wide range of community activities at the Ringway Centre, which is situated on land through which Ringway 2 would have run.   Click here for a short History of the Group.


What the Group does


The Group brings together representatives of local voluntary groups and residents in order to...

● Share information about local issues.


● Provide and manage the Ringway Community Centre for the benefit of local people.

   See webpage THE RINGWAY CENTRE for pictures and details of hiring.


● Facilitate a wide range of social, recreational and educational activities within the Ringway Centre.

   Click here for list of Activities & Interest Groups.

   Click here for Weekly Timetable.


● Monitor and act as a watchdog in regard to local planning and environmental issues


As well as benefiting from the services provided by the Group, any resident who lives in the Grove Park area and who wishes to get actively involved in the running and organisation of the Group, is entitled to attend General Meetings of the Group, and stand for election to sit on the various committees. 


For full details of the organisation of the Group and the various committees see the page Organisation & Structure.


All you need is an interest in local affairs and a couple of hours a month to attend meetings.


The Group is a registered charity and receives funding and support from the London Borough of Lewisham.


The Group also applies for Grants to other funding bodies, sometimes successfully.  The remainder of the Groupís income is raised from letting fees for the Ringway Centre and from social and fundraising activities organized by members of the committee.